Automatic Scheduling
System For Flights And Crew

Our system can generate the best schedule possible considering all the optimization categories and satisfying your requirements.

What are features of Auto Scheduling System?

Auto Schedule System for Aircrew Management is a powerful, web-based application, all-in-one software, designed to help

Higher busy rate


  • Improve efficiency in the use of aircrafts.
  • Maximize number of flight legs in use.
  • Effect flights and airline crews schedule against local conditions and seasonal relatives.

Optimize cost management

  • Allocate working time of air crews effectively.
  • Manage paid work hours and other operation costs effectually.

Enhance working environment


  • Organize working time logically and effectively.
  • Arrange flight hours flexibly but logically.
  • Limit deadheading on airplanes.

Stretch-out flexibility and adaptability

  • Anticipate external changes and schedule back-up plan consistently with.
  • Modify/Change planned schedules adaptive to external changes such as airport activities, demand of the market, etc.


  • Design aircraft route-map and assign fleet in consistent and reasonable patterns.
  • Enumerate flight patterns from airline data.
  • Optimize flight scheduling based on our client’s specific requirement(s).
  • Visualize results in an interactive webpage


  • Assign crew members to the pairings whose have original departure(s) from and final arrival(s) in certain based airport(s) in order to cut down numbers of ship changes.
  • Schedule working time of crew members in compliance with airline rules and every personal calendar.
  • Create, record and track of all crew members events: work, leave, etc.
  • Provide online view work schedule.


  • Manage crew performance.
  • Manage training and evaluation execution Manage external procurement and compliance.
  • Connect with ERP program operating at your work
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You guys are really on top of all the new technology, and I am just glad that my project ended up in such great hands. I am extremely proud of what we have created. You have always gone above and beyond for me, and have never said "This is impossible" or "We can't do this", which I love.
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How long should this software be used to schedule for best results?

The results are always the best that can be used, so there are only results or no results (crashes). Currently, for crew scheduling, the final result is having a problem with a 2-year period: in some cases it will be over 1 hour, in some cases it will not work because it depends on the input requirements.

How is the run time for scheduling software for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years different?

Software runtime is proportional to the number of patterns times the number of planes (for flight scheduling) or staff (for crew scheduling).

How many planes/aircraft should we use automatic scheduling software?

Our existing customers with 10-15 aircraft are now able to use our automated scheduling software.

What is the effect that your software brings to customers?

Automatic Scheduling System For Flights And Crews has the following outstanding benefits: reducing workload for flight scheduling, optimizing operational costs, optimizing flight time, payroll costs, ticketing plans, good working environment for employees, etc.

What is the completion time and cost of the automatic scheduling software?

There will be no specific time period for all customers. Completion time will depend on the availability of the customer and their specific requirements. After that, Innotech team will conduct consultancy and offer suitable solution and cost.